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Don't be that toxic workplace!

As people are returning to their workplaces and we are on the countdown to level 1, many people have had time to reflect on the place and people they are surrounded with a large part of the working week.

Bosses have realised that employees can be productive at home given the right sort of support and resources in place, and many employees have had come to the decision that maybe their workplace wasn't that healthy a place to be, and made decisions accordingly.

I was talking to a life coach the other day who said she had been dealing with 10 people over the lockdown who had realised that as their time to return to work was getting closer they didn't want to be their and had resigned - despite the economic turmoil that business is facing at the moment.

Here are some sure signs that you are in a toxic workplace

1. All sticks and no carrots

Management focuses solely on what employees are doing wrong and rarely give positive feedback for what is going right.There is a blame culture evident, little or no accountability and/or mostly carrots for the best performers. The sticks come out for the rest.

2. Who is really the boss?

There are too many levels of approval and management to get things done and a singular focus on micromanaging employees. This stops the boss having to be the boss and make the hard calls and focus on the BS that will make him or her feel like they are the boss.

3. Profits rule

Profits and cost cutting are solely focused on without consideration of other things that have a real cost to a business . Badgering an employee or work mate to increase production and the bottom line often results in a loss of loyalty and production.

4. Big Bad Bullies

Management bullies employees. This is often subtle, by faceless communications such as emails or text.

5. Where is the empathy?

People are considered to be objects or expenses . They are seen as continually replaceable and there is little concern for their happiness or well-being.The staff turnover is high, people are continually stressed and suffer burnout.

6. The tunnel vision that has little or no concern for work-life balance

People's personal or family lives must be sacrificed for the job . People are working big hours, at the beck and call of senior management with little or no holiday time, and 24/7 availability for work communication.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned things, ask yourself how this behaviour makes you feel? Do you constantly have a knot in your stomach, suffer anxiety about going to work or feel you are always being undermined?

If the answer is yes to any of those points, then take back you power and make every effort to change how you fee. That may ultimately mean changing your job or environment so you can step back from the situation and see how it really is.

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