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Getting back out there..

Updated: May 21, 2020

We have learned many things about business since the 24th March in these unprecedented times as we navigate the wildcard that has been thrown at the world in the form of Covid19.

Many small and larger businesses have taken this time to reflect on their operations , productivity and are having to make significant change to ensure their longevity.

There have been some inspiring stories of business looking outside the square and diversifying to ensure their survival and those people have been role models for others gripped with panic about how we would all cope. We have realised the importance of buying local and cutting our cloth to suit our lifestyle as many have lost jobs or been on reduced hours and support packages offered by the government.

I have always been a realistic optimist and thankfully so now more than ever. As people are losing their jobs and small business is reevaluating I see an awesome opportunity to use the skills I have and help with the recovery so is poised to have an injection of energy and enthusiasm. People have learned the true power of the internet and staying connected and the power of virtual meetings and services that have allowed many to keep functioning while weathering the economic storm.

When I started this mobile and virtual office business back in 2011, people thought I was mad. The first few years were a real education for myself and the clients as they learned to trust the systems and process of working remotely with an independent contractor. Nearly 9 years on and I am so proud that we are still here, smarter and eager to help so lets get on with it.

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